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About Tony Baker

about_huntMy quest for a better hunting knife started when I watched my uncle shatter my prized German steel knife on a small whitetail deer. That being said, I come from a family of knife lovers and hard core hunters. Hunting, fishing and many other adventures have left several of us searching for the perfect knife. One day I got my hands on a G.W. Stone integral drop point hunter. Does anything else need to be said? I thought the search was over, but the steel was 440C. Even though it is good steel, I prefer something that holds a better edge for larger game. I have made several different styles of knives.

aboutknivesA majority of my knives are some sort of hunting design. Through creativity and by request, I make tactical, Bowies, and other custom styles mine or yours. I make knives to serve my customers purpose for the knife. I take pride in my work and use the very best materials and heat treatment that is attainable by me. Thanks to my knife mentor, Jim Eriksen, who took the time to teach me the tricks of the trade, I now have created the perfect knife for myself and others for the last 10 years. I enjoy talking about knives so feel free to give me a call.

My hours of operation are 5pm to 9pm central standard time.


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